Reply Food Hygiene IBC vs SBC

Ciccio ...

Wow Maria I’m impressed if you can get your egg whites to 160F as whites start to coagulate at 140F thus why is is normal to stop cooking SMBC at 140F to avoid synaeresis, why I started talking about SMBC vs IBC is that most people only go to 140F and because they are covering in fondant the cake will sit out, you are lucky to have a dry fridge unit which most do not…I am so jealous if you do…as most fridges ruin Fondant…when I trained as a pastry Chef , we were strictly told that SMBC was only ever to be used if you were only using SMBC to cover cake as it needed to be kept in refrigerator, this was re-iterated (regarding meringue to be cooked to 167F to sit out)when I also sat my full 4 levels of food hygiene certificates .. I get a little worried when reading on Facebook how many use SMBC under fondant….
The funniest thing is I think IBC is so much easier to make

I do love the idea of putting a lid on, must try that next time

Thanks Out of the Box Cake designs for the link to IMBC tutorial