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Good morning!

Kinda had the same “problem”. But better call it “challenge” ;-) because of my hubby’s work we moved from Austria to the Netherlands, 2 yrs ago. In Austria LOT of people already did know me. had a cake order almost every week (for a big cake). Here in the Netherlands, knowing NOBODY, it took a while to spread the word.

I also made cakes for my husbands colleagues, a friends office party and so. but honestly: not really the response I expected. In Tyrol where I come from we have a saying: what doesn’t cost, has no value. So, giving cakes away for free. no-no. better decorate cake dummies and try to get people to see the photos.

what’s about google Ads? facebook? twitter? linkedIn? Icing Smiles? getting articles in local newspapers?

but I may not be the best advisor though I’m still struggling with getting my business known ;-)

wish you the very best and a sweet success!