Reply Do you feel bad about saying you can't do a cake?

Roberta ...

Thank you glendons goodies. I appreciate you & Jennifer (above) taking the time to reply. It’s reassuring to hear from other bakers who feel the same.

OMG that would be horrendous. I’ve never made a topsy turvy cake so wouldn’t even entertain it. 10 days!!! That’s even worse than my request. I bet they would want you to give it as their wedding gift too! I just said no to a wedding cake request from a member of family who never contacts me, lives 1.5 hrs drive away & told me I could give it to them as their gift!! ( This was ONLY 2 tiers one choc & one vanilla with flowers tumbling down the side! Who said I could do flowers?? Then get it to them in one piece without all the lowers falling off! )

I am only a hobby baker but love a challenge of creating something beautiful. I just think people want a bespoke cake, have no idea if the work involved & want to pay supermarket prices. (Sorry, rant over!!! Lol)

I know what you’re saying is right. The trouble is, in the past I’ve made cakes for friend’s birthdays & as my friend’s husband’s birthday is the same as another friend I’ve ended up making 2 carved cakes for the same day! (One was a SLR camera & the other a carved golf bag) I honestly think they have no idea of just how long it takes. When I did these I had all week to bake & decorate & spent Thursday ,Friday doing them & finished one off Sat morning. I don’t sell my cakes, they have been gifts so they’re not repeat customers.

My friend was understanding & in fact was cross at her husband for mentioning it (happened to bump into him down a supermarket aisle Monday lunch time!)

My most important cake is my granddaughter’s so that will keep me busy creating something special for her. :)

Thanks again ladies for listening to my rant & reassuring me I’ve made the right choice. :) x