Reply How to deal with bad/negative feedback?

CrystalMemories ...

Ok, that makes sense. Timing is something I’ve been struggling with…I thought I should do all cakes ON the day they where due for freshness sake. It didn’t even occur to me to have them done the day before. I do most of the prep-work but have been assembling on the day of the event. The wedding cake was due in the evening and the last time I had talked with the person hosting the photo shoot, she was putting it right before…that’s why I was surprised when she called me at noon asking me to be there in 30 minutes. I HAD to give priority to the wedding cake since it was ordered first, I was collecting $ for it, and it was for a wedding. I think I still would’ve pulled it off had my fondant not gotten all wonky on me, but I have taken your advice to heart and I think I’ve learned from that mistake.

I take full responsibility for my failure (altho I def think the business owner could’ve been a little nicer about it), but now I’m wondering how I could fix it? Obviously, the shoot is over…but, should I make something for the people involved as an apology or just let it go and do better if I ever get the opportunity again?

Thanks for your advice Jennifer & Nikki, I will definitely try to have my cakes done earlier from now on & carry a lighter load…right after this weekend (grad weekend, lol). :)