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I’ve made 2 diaper bag cakes . . .

Burberry Diaper Bag

Jungle Themed Diaper Bag

They were both fairly easy. I decided to go with a “laying down” look so that’s what probably made it so easy. I simply used a 9×13 pan to bake the cakes.

For the Jungle Theme, aside from torting the layers, I didn’t carve it any further . . . just covered it in fondant; mixed a bit of gumpaste & fondant for the “pockets”; made a bunch of gumpaste accessories and a few store bought non-edible pieces (plastic bottle & baby powder).

For the Burberry Bag, since it was inspired by an actual bag, I made this 3 layers, torted the bottom 2 layers (left the top layer untorted because I wanted the “bulge” in the center), stacked and then carved/shaved parts of the top & sides to give me the “roundness” I needed to mimic the look of the bag when it’s filled. Used edible images for the pattern and mixed some fondant & gumpaste for the pockets, handles and hardware. Like the previous diaper bag cake, I again made various gumpaste accessories (but didn’t used non-edible items this time).

Hope this helps!

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your finished product.