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How to make Game of Thrones Cookies #1: Part 1 - Daenerys

In this video we’ll show you some very useful tips. For instance, how to apply dust colour on fondant, how to copy an image to wafer ( rice ) paper and more.. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Please like and subscribe!

Making of chocolate dragon - photo album

Hello everyone, I want to share some pics about processing my latest project. Hope the seperate steps are comprehensible. If there are any questions, you´re welcome to ask. Finisched figurine: Steps of sculpting:

Soli the Steampunk Dragon

Just wanted to share one of our cake decorating events with you all, just in case any of you would be interested in joining us. Come along and have a fun day making ‘Soli’. Jacqui Kelly has a bubbly personality and a delightful Scottish...

Cute little dragon tutorial

How To Make A Dragon Cake With Freestanding Outspread Wings

Updating tutorial

Dragon tutorial

These are the colours I used for the dragon mixed with some vanilla essence!! I modelled the head out of renshaws modelling paste. I rolled the fondant into a ball then squashed it to get into a pear drop shape then got two small...