Do you dream of cake?

Or am I just a weirdo? Whether I am working on a cake, or planning one, or even in between cakes…I dream about them. I get some of my best ideas in my sleep. A way to make it look the way I want, or a technique to try. I guess that just goes along with having a passion. This is my passion. Decorating cakes is the best form of creative expression I have found.. for me anyway.
I get told a lot that I under-charge for my cakes. How do you charge someone for giving you the opportunity to do what you love?
I stay home with my kids. One day I will call this work, but for now… it’s just cake =)

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Susie Villa-Soria ...

I always dream of cake!! I though I was the only weirdo! lol

I used to undercharge when I first started out. But now that this is my business I realized that my art is worth the money, plus my cakes are tasty too. I strongly believe you get what you pay for. But just FYI, I will never overcharge. A lot of people do and I’m not the kind of person to rip people off.

Ok, I’m all done here =)

Have a great night!!!

Nessa Dixon ...

Thank you!

Sugar&Lace Cake Company ...

I dream of cake too!!! I’ve worked on three orders this last week and they are all I’ve about to think about!!!
A cake I won an award for, come to me in a dream!! So I say keep the dreams coming!!

Nikki Belleperche ...

I dream of cake constantly! Mostly when I’m worried about something though. Cake nightmares are the worst! On top of already stressing about a cake/design/time crunch you try to get some sleep and can’t thinking everything is going wrong! I hate those restless worried nights. I have never had ideas/inspiration come to me in a dream though which makes me quite jealous of your dreams :P


Much as I love cake, I hate it as well. I have nightmares about cake as I’m constantly criticising myself about what I do. I’m such a perfectionist I don’t think my cakes are good enough and strive to do better. Many a night I lay awake trying to think about the next job or next plan of attack, to my detriment as I’m then tired the next day and therefore don’t function as well. One day I will stop worrying x

Nessa Dixon ...

Thanks for all of the feedback everyone! Trust me, I have my fair share of cake nightmares! I lost a lot of sleep when I did my first wedding cake, and topsy turvy, oh man that one drove me crazy! I agree with you Heather, I am never satisfied with any of my cakes. There is always something I wish I had done differently or a little neater. Every single time.