CAKE BASICS #10: Frosting with Buttercream + recipe

Hi friends! how are you doing so far? enjoying the family time during this celebrations? I am now with my family in Philippines enjoying the good weather, the beach, the people, the culture and the food! I really needed this!
Well this time, I want to share with you a very basic video of how to make buttercream with no icing sugar and milk. This basic frosting technique is dedicated to all my friends who are entering in this beautiful world.

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By Katherina Perez

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Clara ...

Darò un’occhiata appena posso 😉😉😉

Felis Toporascu ...

Thank you Katherina!!! ❤️

Sandra Smiley ...

Thank you, dear Katherina! You taught me something new today – corn syrup!! Who knew?

claudiamarcel ...

Gracias por compartir Katherina 😘

Lallacakes ...

Great tutorial Katherina!!!💙💙💙✨✨✨✨✨✨

Tortolandia ...

Looks great Katherina!

Super Fun Cakes & More (Katherina Perez) ...

Happy new year dear friends! And thanks for your friendship and support during 2018! Love you so much!