Yasmin Sugar Shoe Topper Tutorial and ebook

Over the years I have had some lovely compliments and questions with regards to my sugar shoe toppers. This inspired me to create an ebook and tutorial.

“Yasmin” Shoe Tutotial

This contains 38 detailed steps to help you create this shoe. All of the templates are supplied at the end of the tutorial and have been scaled to size. This sugar shoe can be a challenge but as you can see the results are well worth the effort.

Sugar Shoes – Tips & Tricks for construction, personalisation & promotion (eBook)

This little eBook has taken me quite a while to complete. Some of the topics included are:

- Recognising the need to manage your time effectively.

- Solutions to common problems encountered while making sugar shoes

- Shows you how to spot issues during the assembly of your shoe components.

- Developing your awareness regarding the quality of your own work and how to improve it.

- The importance of selecting the correct pastes for various components of your sugar shoes

- The application of glitter and lace on your shoes.

- Guide to creating your own shoe templates and clay formers for shaping challenging shoe components and structures.

- Advice on masking and spraying your shoes.

- A layman’s introduction into the essentials of photography to help you maximise the quality of your photos

- Plus much more..

The eBook I’ve written makes several references to the shoe that you have shown an interest in. Because of this I’ve bundled the shoe and eBook together

“Yasmin” shoe tutorial (PDF Format) : £5.99

“Yasmin” shoe tutorial + My eBook (PDF Format) : £15.99

If you are interested I have several other shoe tutorials that are almost ready and should be available in the next week or so. Images of these are attached to this email and are “Red Ruffle Shoe” and “Valentino”. These will also be available in PDF Format at £5.99

Thanks for your time.

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Elli Warren ...

Looks like a fabulous tutorial Julia and the shoe is stunning!! Thank you for sharing! :-) x

MamaBrown ...