New beginnings #2: Sugarveil

I had started gathering all my cake essentials and came across a brilliant web site and OMG I must be a rated customer now :-) its like toysrus for cake lovers.
The product I took to straight away was the sugarveil it just looked fab and how right I was.
While I eagerly waited for it to arrive I research the Internet for how to do it, what goes wrong which was good as the first time I used it, it turned out perfect.
I now make sugarveil everyday.
The start up is expensive and the mats for doing it in but well worth the money.
I have tried piping with s no.1 nozzle but it was way too thick so going to try just a parchment bag (I will let you know how that goes)
I have put on my Xmas list that I’d like the dispenser ;-) I might just have to get it anyway.
All in all I think you can safely say I’m 100% a sugarveil fan it taste great (fat free) makes stunning toppers, wraps you name it.
It’s also perfect for my daughter as she doesn’t like icing but this she eats as its not sickly at all.
I have got some interesting things to do with sugarveil the next few weeks so watch this space :-)

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Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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