Accordion cake Tutorial



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Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

WOW Fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing!

Cakery Creation Liz Huber ...

Thank you! you’re welcome!

Lizzy25 ...

Awesome!! thanks for sharing!!! =)

Liz ...

Wow, this is amazing! My dad used to play the ‘box’, so I think I’ll have to have a go with this…thank you so much for sharing :o)

Bertha ...

Hi, your accordion cake looks great! I would like to replicate it but I’m having a difficult time understanding the clay extruder parts. Is this part of the cake not edible? Can you please explain further ?

Cakery Creation Liz Huber ...


Bertha everything is edible. ‘clay’ extruder or clay gun are just the names of the equipment. I used this extruder to extrude fondant or gumpaste no clay is actually used. Here’s a link to an image of a clay extruder that can be used with fondant or gumpaste:

You can extruder several long log shaped pieces of fondant and place them where your billowing will be on your cake.