Comment My First Wedding Cake

Esther Scott ...

Thank you everyone! I am a bit of a plodder and wouldn’t have taken on a wedding cake until I was sure I could do a decent job. But I’m pretty happy and raring to go now….
The cake is vanilla sponge / butter cake filled and covered white chocolate ganache and covered in fondant.
The shimmer is lustre (super pearl and some white silk lustre) made into paint with some rose spirit and brushed on with a wide flat brush so that you get the brush strokes showing through.
The border on the middle tier is piped in royal icing with some silver cachous stuck on in places and I painted a few of the royal icing beads with the lustre to make them look pearly.
The ruffles are fondant run through the pasta machine and swirled around and around and around… they took two of us four hours to do.