Comment What a WRECK!

Kosmic Custom Cakes ...

We are still laughing! What’s really funny about the police (shows my lack of sleep) when he threw his lights on while behind us (Blonde moment) I honestly thought he was trying to help us and continued to drive it wasn’t until 3 blocks later (as we reached out destination) that he then threw the sirens on as well! I thought just lights were helpful & noise ment pull the heck over….Needless to say I was very wrong! He was NOT happy, but when he heard we were done driving slow & saw the cake (and tears) he sent me gladly on my way.

I will go ahead and post back pics – make sure your sitting down when you look! On a good note Thank the Lord for amazing customers….the mom said “no worries, we’ll dim the lights and make sure it’s in the corner of the room so no one sees” I could have hugged her!