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Hi Speedy92, thanks for saying that, but you will be surprised at how quickly you master things if you watch all the fabulous free tutorials and the advice that all the wonderful cakers give like Peggy Does Cake, Lesley at Royal Bakery, Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen and especially Michelle Rea from Inspired by Michelle. They all give so generously of their time and knowledge and have been so helpful and encouraging in the year I have been caking. I find now my biggest issue is confidence, it can stop me in my tracks. I was so close to just making Mark an iphone cake as I was really nervous about attempting the Dragon. I couldn’t find any help online so for the first time really had to wing it….SO glad I did lol!
I use Bakels fondant which is fantastic for our climate here in Australia, I love it. I have tried Satin Ice and Cake Art. I know these are hugely popular brands in other parts of the world but I found them horrible in our humidity. They were sticky and soft and tore everytime I tried to lift it onto the cake. They also got ‘elephant skin’ I couldn’t wait to see the back of them. I found that they took forever to dry if at all. I think it’s just trial and error to find which suits you and your climate best. Let me know how you go. Do you have a facebook page? :) xxx