Comment Dragon Boat head for Mark

speedy92 ...

OMG…. incredible!! I am still to nervous to attempt carving a cake….lol!!! One of these days I will attempt it.

I do have a question for you……..the blue & black pieces that are standing straight up, how did you get them to harden up to stay. I tried, tried, and retried with a cake that I had a piece that was suppose to stand straight up (it was a barbie head silhouette)………well needless to say that after about 12 attempts, I finally went and bought a piece of foam-board and used that!!! I was so upset……but I had no choice, and no more time!!!! I was attempting at making this piece for over a week. Client was absolutely ok with it (she could not believe all the broken, unharden, cracked, etc pieces I had laying around, and said she would not have attempted it so many times :-) …….but I sure was not. I hope you don’t mind telling me what and how you made these pieces. Thank you so much.