My Krishna Cake - An Expression!

I had been following up with an old age home for sometime as I wanted to contribute by way of cake for the elderly’s Birthday celebrations.

Finally got my chance, and what better than to carry Krishna for them – It was Janmashtmi time (Birthday of lord Krishna)

Worked around the specifics of preference of fresh cream and pineapple cake with less sugar, the theme of Krishna and the shades of blue. I came up with this!

The experience was very overwhelming as I was caught unawares when I saw 90% of the home’s members on wheelchairs , for most of Whom being able to smile was a luxury as their muscles had wasted away. Some of them had no family to visit them. They called me over and blessed me , which maybe I needed having suffered a recent personal loss.

Of my own accord, I had told the organizer that I shall never use this as a marketing stunt and so never ever posted the story on my page in my country of work.

But I just had to share somewhere, as this cake had a story- An Expression. My learning that day- you may forget what somebody said to you or what somebody did for you, but you shall never forget how somebody made you feel!!

Introducing – My Krishna Cake!

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Goreti ...

What a heart warming story. Thank you for sharing. Nursing homes are so lonely and depressing for those without family. I’m sure you made their day. Lovely cake.

Expressions ...

Thanks Goreti. It was quite an experience:)

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My Krishna Cake - An Expression!