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Daily Top 3 - Oct 26, 2013

When my customer first asked for a Simpson’s cake for her son there were a few ideas like the whole family on the couch but I really wanted to do something different. And so the idea of Bart on a skate board came about and I began to google. I wanted to do him crouched down but knew that he had to travel for about an hour to the party destination so I didn’t want to risk him toppling. So I found him in this pose and decided to make him like this.
He was the most challenging structured cake to date that I have made,he stood at 50 cm tall, and he took so much longer than I expected, but I loved seeing him come to life. Many years ago I bought the Simpsons tape (yes I said tape lol) which had a song called ‘Do the Bart Man’ and this kept playing over and over in my mind during his construction, funny the things we remember.
The Birthday boy was rather speechless when he saw him which was so cool and he kept saying thank you, apparently he talked about him all last night too, and I was rather relieved to receive a text message mid morning to say that he had arrived safely at the party venue.
Cakie hugs and thanks for looking.

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Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin


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Gulnaz Mitchell ...

My daughter asked me if it is a topper? I said no, it is a cake. She said how is it possible to make cake like that? So, how? Fantastic, Sarah!xoxo

The Cake Tin ...

Oh Gulnaz, thank you so much and thank your daughter too. It’s those sort of questions that I love to hear because it means I have created something that has people wondering……. xx

La Lavande Sugar Florist ...

Incredible! I’m in awe! I couldn’t even try to work out how you made this! What a talent!

Lisa Salerno ...

An amazing cake ! If you made a tutorial for this cake I would buy it !! Great job xx

Unusual cakes for you ...

one word my amazing talented friend. SENBLOODYSATIONAL
your amazing

The Cake Tin ...

Oh Christine, you are so kind and I feel the same about your amazing flowers. xx
Lisa I will have to think about that tutorial, thank you.
Robin…..OMG thank you so much, your support means so much to me xxx
And thank you all for favouriting Bart xx

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ ...

A super amazing design! You are very creative indeed =D

Pauline Soo (Polly) - Pauline Bakes The Cake! ...

Wow! This is absolutely awesome! Incredible work! You are one amazingly talented cake artist! :) swoons
P/S: I am gonna change into my Bart Simpson T-shirt now! Peace, man!

Un Cupcake, l'Addition ! ...

He is perfect !!! I can’t believe you managed to make it with cake !!! Greetings from France!!!

The Cake Tin ...

Violet thank you so much. Sebastien, yep he’s all cake.
Pauline my lovely friend thank you so much. Looking forward to seeing the T/shirt :) x oh and thank you for favouriting xx

Hazel Wong Cake Design ...

awesomely done! love it!

The Cake Tin ...

Pauline…..squeal you so rock xxx
Hazel thank you so much xx

Sweet Janis ...

This is amazing!!! Love it :-)Xx

The Cake Tin ...

thank you so much Barbara x

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Bart Simpson