Rapunzel cake with edible tower!

I designed this cake especially for a customer and also made it for my daughters 4th birthday this year, she loved it! I wanted an edible tower that would be lots of fun for the little princess. Here is how to make the tower …. 2 ice cream cones one flat bottom and one pointed. Melt some pink candy melts and cover the outside of the flat cone, put onto grease-proof paper/tray and fill it with smarties to weigh it down. Now cover the sides of the pointed cone and attach to the bottom cone using some of the melted candy melts around where they join. While the candy melts are still soft, cover the top cone with mini marshmallow’s for roof tiles. Now leave to completely dry, about 2 hours. Once it is dry you can decorate with a door and windows etc. I attached it to my cake by making a small hole into the bottom of my cone and used a thin dowling rod that went into the cake as well with a little royal icing under the base too. This also makes a great craft session with kids – just watch the candy melts as they can get hot!

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Rapunzel cake with edible tower!