Cricketer Cake

This Cricketer Cake is a 6″ Madeira cake, split, drizzled with vanilla sugar syrup, sandwiched together with jam and buttercream (cheated and used Betty Crocker’s to save time), covered in green fondant with fondant decorations. Made using a step-by-step tutorial by Jane Barraclough in an old issue of Cake Craft & Decoration (July 2011). Simple to follow instructions and being able to make all the decorations in advance meant that I had plenty of time to cover the cake the evening before the party with no stress!

The green covering is a little dodgy and it didn’t help that the texturing I should have done to it was completely forgotten about until hours later after it had hardened too much – would have hidden most of the imperfections. The figures’ limbs and heads came detached in transit but were easily re-attached with royal icing.

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Carol, Maidenhead UK,


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Cricketer Cake