3D Crown Cake Fit for a DIVA!

This cake I stressed over because of both the structure and the leopard print. Luckily I made the curved pieces well in advance and allowed them to dry at least one week so they were very firm. Then I sprayed them with gold lustre and allowed it to dry again another 3 days just to be sure.

Unluckily the cake ended up being about 1/2" shorter than I planned so there is a major gap and the curved pieces had to be supported by a big wad of fondant or else they would not have stayed up. I had to cover that up with some additional pearl detailing but I think it adds to the overall look.

I originally planned to paint the leopard print and stressed because I am a lousy painter but then decided to just freehand cut flat pieces of brown for the inside and handshape pieces of black fondant, which were then flattened, to go around them. I am very proud I pulled it off! I shocked myself lol. TFL.

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Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

You did na Amazing job!!! Very Nice!!! xxx

Xclusive ...

well done, good job!

Goreti ...

It looks great. Your solution for the gap actually looks like it was part of the original design. I think it really adds to it. Great job!

miettes ...

I like it !!

Tea Party Cakes ...

Very well done! No one would ever know that you had a few difficulties with this as it looks wonderful!

Elli Warren ...

You did a brilliant job!! :-)

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ ...

Awww thank you Ana, Xclusive, Goreti, Dina, Naomi & Elli! Appreciate all the cake love. And Goreti, Naomi, you’ve reassured me that it works with the overall look. Thanks again everyone!

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3D Crown Cake Fit for a DIVA!