Daddy's day cake :)

Well my little budding baker Oakley made his very first cake from start to finish for Father’s Day. He tried so hard with it, bless him, he’s only 5 and he did a fabulous job! Makes a fabulous Victoria sponge – even if he did eat most of the batter before it went in the tin :)

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Goreti ...

Aww so sweet!

Gulnaz Mitchell ...

Isn’t he clever boy! I love his cake! His first cake is better than my first cake! Good job Oakley!

Elli Warren ...

Aww thats so sweet!! cake and little Oakley are gorgeous!! please tell him he did a great job! :-)

Amy ...

Aww thanks every one, he loves to make cakes, and loves to help with icing ( mainly to eat the scraps) but heis very much the budding baker! He also makes fabulous Yorkshire puddings! Much to my dismay as mine usually shrink to nothing! Lol! :)

MsGF ...

Awesome cake! It’s really great that you two can share this wonderful passion.

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Daddy's day cake :)