New born baby cake

Baby with angel toys. All edible.
Christening cake, was given a photo of baby to reproduce.
Customer very happy with likeness of their baby! :-)

Thanks for looking!

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CakesbySasi ...

Cute and colourful Kath.

Elli Warren ...

Very sweet! pink cow is very cute! :-)

Cakemummy ...

Thanks Sasi and Ellie, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get this baby to look cute. So next time someone wants a real life baby face hopefully I can convince them to have an animated look instead! :-(
Thank you my 2 number one fans! Xxx

NooMoo ...

Amazing cake kath! We’ve been asked to do a similar cake next week so can appreciate the work gone into this. Were already having sleepless nights thinking about it :-) any tips will be more than welcome. Well done! X

Xclusive ...

well done!

Cakemummy ...

Thank you NooMoo & Xclusive!
Good luck NooMoo with your cake, I don’t know if any of my tips will help you, the more I played with the face I seemed to fudge it up. I would say it probably would have looked better with the baby’s eyes open, but I had to follow the photo. Can’t wait to see your cake, I’m sure it will look fantastic! :-)

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New born baby cake