Bloody Halloween Cake

Halloween is my favorite time of year..This was a practice cake I did around Halloween.

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Nikki, So Cal,


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Amber ...

This is awesome, how did you get that wonderful blood dripping effect?

Nikki Belleperche ...

Thank you! The blood is piping gel..unfortunately my granny decided to clean her oven without telling me that day and the cake was in the kitchen and all the blood melted off the cake :/

Not Just A Cake ...

Thank your granny that effect is AWESOME lol :-))

Nikki Belleperche ...

Oh, no! I piped the gel on in that design lol. The melting happened after I took the photo! Thankfully it was just a practice cake when I was starting out so it wasn’t a big deal. I was still mortified when I first saw my cake streaked in red and puddles of gel at the bottom of my cake! Everyone said it still looked alright after that but I wasn’t as happy with it as I was before it melted!

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Bloody Halloween Cake