Funny Cake Story :)

This has got to be the BEST cake story I have made to date … lol

A few years ago the birthday boy had taken the engine out and bonnet off his Nissan Patrol and as he was trying to put the bonnet back on, he climbed into the engine cavity (with the bonnet on his back) and somehow managed to clip the bonnet into place and got stuck in the engine cavity of the car!

He yelled out but no one could hear him … he was stuck under there for about half hour until one of his mates came over and went up to the shed. His mate was yelling out, he could hear him but couldn’t find him.

Their Staffy Zedd was just curled up in the corner for the whole thing – apparently he just sniffed his feet and then curled up and went to sleep.

Needless to say the birthday boy thought he was a pretty lousy Lassie!


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miettes ...

Oh, how funny, love the story!! Nice cake!!

Elli Warren ...

Brilliant cake!! lovely story to match!! :-)

Goreti ...

Not only is it a great story but a great cake too!

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Funny Cake Story :)