An Icing Color Adventure and/or Who went Nuts with the Edible Pearls?

Daily Top 3 - Feb 16, 2012

Ok, so I have a contract with a business in my town in which I provide their monthly birthday cakes. They do not want anything elaborate deco wise and only need a cake to serve 12 people. They prefer that I use natural based flavorings whenever possible and encourage me to experiment, which I love to do! This request was for a marble cake with lemon buttercream and boy did it become an adventure because instead of using lemon extract I opted to use lemon juice and zest in the icing and that changed up the coloring of the icing because the juice was bleaching the icing color…duh :-)! Anyhow after a long session of icing tinting, and not knowing how I got there ;-), I settled on the ‘rust, but not’ color and then broke out the edible pearls. I was going for one of those old-fashioned beaded bracelet looks :-).

Rene', Arizona, Dizzy Dame's Bake Shoppe


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Shey Jimenez ...

This is beautiful! I love how perfectly placed everything is. Great job!

Jess B ...

Love the vintage look it has :-)

Rene' ...

Awe, thank you Sheila! Your kind words are most appreciated!! Happy Baking!!! :-)

Rene' ...

Awe, thank you Jess!! And yes that was what I was going for when the pearls came out…lol!! Happy Baking!! :-)

Lydia ...

Very pretty.

Sweets By Monica ...

Very elegant, simple, and vintage. Love it! You’re still the CAKE STAR!!!!

Rene' ...

Thank you so much Lydia!

Thank you so much Miss Monica!!! You are too cute!! And you my dear are the CAKE STAR!!!! :-)

Aida Martinez ...

It is very pretty, I really liked the pearls.

Rene' ...

Thank you so much Aida! I bought the pearls from Sugarcraft and even though you have to apply them one by one, they sure do ‘pop’ a cake i.e. it is worth it or at least I think so :-)!

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An Icing Color Adventure and/or Who went Nuts with the Edible Pearls?