Horse Cake

This cake was made for a horse crazy 4 year olds birthday. What an undertaking it was!! Not having a cooling system large enough for the entire cake to fit into, I was forced to assemble & decorate within 24 hours of date of event. Whew! Horse cake is 100% edible materials. Of course, I planned as well as possible in advance, but you know in caking, it doesn’t always go as planned, lol And of course, it was on a week with 3 other cakes and I think a total of 27 dozen custom cookies. The week almost did me in! lol But in the end, all were thrilled and I can say I survived!;) I do have a full pic tutorial of putting him together and hope to get it up soon. Thank you for letting me share and hope you enjoy!! OH and the birthday girl named him “Ozzie”:)

JulieTenlen, Michigan,


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Goreti ...

Wow, what an amazing job!

Julie Tenlen ...

thank you so much Goreti! There are a tons of things I would love to get the chance to fix, but I am pleased with it. It was quite the undertaking for me.

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Horse Cake