Farm animal cake that fell apart on delivery

I completed this cake a couple of hours before my first grand daughter was born. I was to deliver this immediately before rushing to the hospital to see the newborn. It was a 1 1/2 hour trip on the interstate and I guess I forgot that I had a three tier cake in the car (all I could think about was the baby). When I opened the box to show my customers the cake, I was looking at them to see their reaction and expecting a “Wow, it’s wonderful” instead I saw a look of surprise and shock, I turned and looked at the cake and it had fallen apart during the trip. Fortunately, for me, the birthday party (which was outdoors) had to be postponed a day due to a tropical storm that blew through and I had another day to rebake and rebuild the cake….which had to be dairy free also, because of the birthday boy’s allergies.

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Bon Bon Florida


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Goreti ...

Oh no! It was so adorable! Congrats on the granddaughter!

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Farm animal cake that fell apart on delivery