Despicable me 2 cake

After me and my little man went to see despicable me 2 last weekend, he decided he no longer wanted a superheroes cake and decided that this would be the theme.
Iv made lots of minion cakes and cupcakes before so I wanted this one to be something slightly different.
I decided to go with a cake with models.
The minions are just over a inch tall and gosh they took me soooo long! Lol
I really enjoyed making this and seeing all the characters together.
It’s not as perfect as I would have liked, as i had abit of a panic this morning when I woke up to lots of laying down minions! Lol luckily with a bit more royal icing they stayed put!
I don’t think iv ever spent so long on a cake before With 22 models in total it really did take quite a while, but hey my little mans worth it!
As an extra little surprise, I decided on a rainbow cake inside! Can’t wait to see his face when we cut it :)

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Goreti ...

What an adorable cake! I’m sure your little man was thrilled with it. Definitely a labor of love. I can only imagine how much time your put into this.

haley ...

Thank you! Yes def a labour of love! He absolutely loved it, but he decided to keep it for his party tomorrow with his friends, looking forward to seeing his face once he’s cut it :)

CuriAUSSIEty Cakes ...


Radhika ...

Lovely! Do take pictures of him cutting the cake :)

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Despicable me 2 cake