Hand made bridal couple

A bridal topper that I made for a cake in September. I am still not good with figurines, so I made this earlier as a test drive. Maube I can relax now and focus on flowers again.

Tags: wedding sugar paste cake topper hand sculpted white

Maggie, Bloemfontein, https://www.cakedecorpros.com/405-memorable-occasions-bloemfontein


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Goreti ...

I struggle with figures too. Give me flowers any day of the week. You did a great job on these, though.

Maggie Visser ...

Thank you Goretti, you are always so kind.

Fifi's Cakes ...

not good?? wow, this awesome!

Maggie Visser ...

Thank you Fifi! You should have seen the fairy I did last year. Ask Goretti how I struggled. lol!

Goreti ...

Maggie, my first fairy I threw out. When I went to do the eyes, it looked evil. Didn’t want to scare my little niece. So I had to laugh when you wrote that!

Xclusive ...

Well done!

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Hand made bridal couple