Michael Kors Purse

New purse! This was a replica of the client’s current Michael Kors purse. 4 layers of cake on the inside, covered with fondant and hand-cut logos covering entire cake. Straps/handles are handmade out of gumpaste. Serves up to 50.

Tags: birthday gold white brown cake purse sculpted

Jennifer, Arizona, www.cakefrenzy.com


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DeliciousDeliveries ...

This is quite awesome!

zahra ...

this is incredible! looks so real!

Kathy211 ...

Beautiful. Do you use a stamp for the MK? If so where can I purchase one? Thanks.

Jennifer Watson ...

Hi Kathy211! Thank you so much! I originally made a stamp from foam pieces, but it did not work as planned so I ended up cutting a template and using that to cut out the fondant.

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Michael Kors Purse