Daily Top 3 - Feb 11, 2012

Firstly I have to say this is the cake I have enjoyed making the most so far!!! It was for a lady who is celebrating her 40th birthday, and she just wanted something that was cute and girly with patterns. I invited her to think of anything she likes in particular or favourite thing, and upon seeing my Gruffalo cake she asked if I could do something to do with Harry Potter!

I made her a Hogwarts Sorting Hat, as this is her most favourite thing from the books/films (she even has it as a tattoo!) and he is sitting on a Gryffindor house scarf. There are Bertie Bott every flavour beans going around the edge of both numbers and also inside the numbers as an extra special nibble treat! I made a wand, that must be casting a spell as there are sparks of ‘magic’ coming out of the end of it. I also made the Golden snitch and found a pair of Harry Potter’s glasses to decorate the board. As an extra little bit of detail I added a lightening shaped ‘scar’ to the edge of the zero. Perfect for the ultimate Harry Potter fan!!!

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Thanks :)

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Sonya ...

LOVE this!

LindyLou ...

Thanks you :)

samsam ...

wow i love this cake really good !!

PeterPan ...

Oh wow!!! Love all the little detail from the film and books, this was one lucky lady to receive this cake!!!

LindyLou ...

Thankk you everyone for your lovely comments it really is nice to see people appreciating my work especially when I put alot of work and effort into this one

annaliese ...

absolutely love this cake :) x

sarah ...

welldone lyndsay its brilliant! x

LindyLou ...

Thank you! It made it to number one last night and stayed there till it was taken off the daily one because of how long it had been on there, got a little bit excited to say the least!

Mimi's Sweet Shoppe Amanda Burgess ...

I LOVE Harry Potter! This cake is great! : )

LindyLou ...

Thank you x

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