Last minute not happy handbag cake

My last minute cake I wasn’t happy with it but customer was over the moon and apologised for 1 days notice lol
Before you say like others have what’s not to be happy with?
•The carved cake itself needed to be straighter
•The icing more attention
•Piping more attention
•I wanted to put a pattern on the handbag but ran out of time
•board covered and name mounted on scroll plaque

The cake was cooked the night before and carved crumb coated, filled, levelled, icing coloured, iced and decorations made in 4 hours that’s with a 6 year old and 1 year old hanging off me :-/

This was the first and last cake I do as a favour last minute!

Tags: birthday handbag detail icing piping zip last minute rush job argh

Let the cakey adventure begin :-)


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Susana ...

I think is well done.Very nice cake!

Kirstie's cakes ...

Thank you Analaria kind of you to say :0)

Goreti ...

Give yourself a break. For something pulled together at the last minute, it is really nice. You can only do so much!

Kirstie's cakes ...

Thanks Goreti I think I’m just been too critical. I think it must come more with each cake I do realising what I could do better next time.
I’m even taking longer to research ideas lots of doodles and techniques now though :0)

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

You did a great job!!! xxx

Kirstie's cakes ...

Thank you Ana all the nice comments make me want to make it again now how I wanted :0)

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Last minute not happy handbag cake