Cupcake and Tea cup- cupcakes

Cupcakes covered in fondant and decorates as mini cups and saucers. Giant cupcake with neon colors as this was the theme for the party.

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Shelly-Anne Gregory, Trinidad West Indies


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Genel ...

These are beautiful. Can you tell me how you did the cupcakes.

Shelly-Anne ...

I took the wrappers off the cupcakes then turned them upside down and covered them in butter cream frosting (top and bottom). Chose the color fondant ,rolled it out and then cut a circle big enough to cover the cupcake. Smoothed them out with my hand. Let them dry. Turned them back over and used chocolate fondant and a little frosting to decorate the top dusted with cocoa powder on some.
The handles I added a little tylose powder shaped and let them dry.Then the next day I used a little tylose glue to stick them on.
The bases were circle cutters as well and a smaller one imprinted to make it look like a proper tea/coffee plate.
The size of the circles would vary on the size of the cupcakes used but you would know what size to use when you put them together.
I hope that helps.

Genel ...

You are awesome. Thanks so much for the tutorial. GOD BLESS.

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Cupcake and Tea cup- cupcakes