Hello Kitty Garden Cake

Daily Top 3 - Jan 21, 2012

Chocolate cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. Fondant covered cake with fondant flowers. Hello Kitty was created with gumpaste.

Tags: hello kitty pink flowers garden birthday

Rachel, Fondant Flinger New Orleans, LA www.facebook.com/fondantflinger


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Carrie Freeman ...

oooh I love it!

Rachel Skvaril ...

Thank you, Carrie!

ShrdhaSweetCreations ...

Beautiful…love the colors!

Corrie ...

Yes, the colors are awesome…another wonderful cake, when are you going to start posting crappy ones??? (LOL)

Rachel Skvaril ...

Hahaha! I keep those is a “special” folder on my desktop. Thanks for making my afternoon brighter!

Rachel Skvaril ...

*in not is…… I have buttercream on almost all my fingers so don’t mind my two finger typing typos! :)

sweetpeacakemom ...

I absolutely love this cake! It’s wonderful!

Rachel Skvaril ...

Thank you, SweetPeaCakeMom!

Jessica ...

This is one of my favorites Rachel. Rachel doesn’t make bad cakes, there is no folder on her desktop :)

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Hello Kitty Garden Cake