St. Petka - table for Serbian Slava

The Slava is a unique and a distinct custom among Serbian people.
The word Slava means celebration. The celebration of Slava requires the Icon of the family Patron Saint and several items that symbolize Christ and the believer’s faith in his death and resurrection: a lighted candle, Slava’s wheat(Slavsko zhito), Slava’s bread (Slavski kolach), and red wine. he lighted candle reminds us that Christ is the Light of world. Without Him we would live in darkness.Slavsko zhito represents the death and resurrection of Christ. Slava’s bread represents Jesus Christ as the Bread of Life.
During Slava, the priest cuts a cross in the bread, which reminds us of Christ’s death on the cross for the remission of our sins.The red wine, of course, represents Christ’s precious blood, which was required to wash our sins away.
Our Venerable Mother Petka, was born in the 11th century in the city of Epivat, which is between Silivria and Constantinople. Her parents were very religious and raised their children to be pious. After her parents died, St. Petka strictly devoted herself to the monastic life, and with fasting and prayer, she committed her life to God. After five years of fasting and prayer, she went to the Holy Land (Palestine) to live in the desert of Jordan.

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Fifi's Cakes ...

this is so interesting! did you also paint the picture in the frame? I have looked at your facebook page and you are holding an amazing crest. what did you make that with? You are very original and talented x

Katarina ...

“picture in the frame” is also a cake, and yes, it is hand painted fondant

Fifi's Cakes ...

fantastic!! wonderful talent xxx

Goreti ...


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St. Petka - table for Serbian Slava