Stork in a Pink Bonnet-themed Baby Shower Cake

Chocolate Cake filled with whipped chocolate and cream, chocolate ganache frosted and covered in fondant. Stork design was inspired from cold porcelain cake toppers. I was so in-love with the design which i can not help myself but make it in sugar medium. I just tweaked a little bit from the original design of Mimosa’s. But of course we all know that the original is always the best. If you have chance to visit her website pls. do and i’m sure you’ll love her creations like i do. Stork’s body and stool are made of rice krispies and covered with fondant. Stork’s neck up to her head is a lollipop covered with fondant. On this cake, It is also my first time using Isograph Technical Pen filled with edible ink from one of my unused edible ink cartridge for my edible printer. I used it in drawing her eyes and texts on the cloud. I’ve been figuring out for so long of how to make a sharp and crisps handwriting on the cake without using those edible pens that we can buy coz they have a little bit thicker tips. Finally, i thought about Isograph Technical Pens, they come in different sizes of sharp tips and they are refillable too, and it worked and i’m happy with it :)

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Goreti ...

This is beautiful and very well done!

Patty Cake's Cakes ...

Just love this cake!!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Gorgeous!!! Lovely job!!! xxx

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Stork in a Pink Bonnet-themed Baby Shower Cake