~Topsy-Turvy Cake~

I made this Topsy-Turvy cake to see if I could make a topsy-turvy cake! LOL! I found a video on youtube and wanted to try it. I loved seeing it come together. I was inspired by Pink Cake Box. :)



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Aida Martinez ...

Very nice.

Janan ...

Amazing! Topsy-turvy seems daunting until you know the secret.

Bobbie Riddles ...

Thank you both! It wasnt too bad! This was my first topsy turvy. I have watched a tutorial on it. Also, I used ganache instead of buttercream. I would be happy to send you the tutorials tomorrow if you would like? :)

Alicia ...

Beautiful cake. What video tutorial did you watch?

theglamorouscakes ...

This is amazing. Wold you mind to share he tutorial.thx

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~Topsy-Turvy Cake~