Black and White Elegance

Daily Top 3 - Jan 04, 2012

Made this black and white beauty for my sister’s wedding… black and white were their colors, and they both are into very clean, simple designs. She told me to do whatever I wanted, since the cake was a gift, and so this was what I surprised her with at her reception. She was very happy. The only thing she specified were the flavors: yellow cake with chocolate frosting for the bottom tier, red velvet with cream cheese frosting for the middle tier, and they kept their top tier, which was also red velvet and cream cheese. Cake was covered with fondant, flowers on the side were hand-painted with black food coloring, and flowers on top were made of gumpaste. Congratulations Lisa and Alan!

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LisaB ...

Simply Gorgeous..your gift was very special :) I also had the pleasure of creating a cake for my sister years ago..lot’s of work and more pressure to please than with a regular customer too!

Katie Goodpasture ...

Yes… what was funny is that she wanted to stay with me the night before her wedding; even though she and her new hubby have been together for eight years, she didn’t want to see him before the wedding… and I didn’t want her to see the cake, so I was very happy I was able to get it done before she came over and get it in the fridge… a complete surprise! They were both very happy, and it was really fun to be able to give her one of the things you remember most from your wedding day… a lot of things become a blur, but you never forget the dress or the cake ;-)

Alena ...

very nice :-)

Katie Goodpasture ...

Thanks, aldoska… quite a compliment coming from you… I’ve been admiring your cakes since I started learning how to decorate.

Alena ...

Thanks, but do not take me so seriously … :-)
Nice wedding story ;-)

SarahBeth3 ...

I like it! Great design!

Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

WHOA! Love this cake!

Rachel Skvaril ...

You must have a nice steady hand! Love the look of the hand painted black on the white background. This is gorgeous!

Komel Crowley ...


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Black and White Elegance