Giraffe collab

Doll of Giraffe with modelling chocolate and covered in fondant ,painted with chef master colors ,internal structure used:wiring non edible
Painting of Giraffe in wilderness ,painted on fondant with chef master and sugarin colors
Modelling chocolate used is made in house
The giraffe is one of the most iconic species. As the tallest mammal on Earth, these creatures are both weird and wonderful with their long legs and necks, large eyes, long eyelashes, striking coat patterns, ambling gait and calm demeanour.

Supplies: fondant tools fondant wires chef master food coloring chef master modelling tools painting color dust

Tools: modelling tools modeling chocolate wire gel colors color dust

Tags: giraffe #cake doll cake topper #gold painting free hand modeling free hand #collaboration #collab

Astrologer,Cake Artist & Trainer,Dr RB. Sudha


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Sandra Smiley ...

I love this piece and that you used painting and sculpting together, beautiful. A great background and photo, too.

carolina Wachter ...

so cute

Dr RB.Sudha ...

Thank you Dear Sandra and Carolina :)

il mondo di ielle ...


Dr RB.Sudha ...

Thank you🙂

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Giraffe collab