How To Easily Decorate Any Cupcake?

Decorating cupcakes can be a really easy and fun activity for an entire family. You don’t have to spend a fortune to serve flawlessly beautified cupcakes
. Here are the essential steps that you have to follow with a specific end goal to adorn the little desserts wonderfully:

  • To begin with, bake some cupcakes utilising your most loved recipe. It can be anything – red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, carrot, etc.
  • Allow the prepared cupcakes to cool off totally before you get started with the process of decorating them.
  • There are basically 3 prominent sorts of icing you can use for embellishing the crown part of the cakes.
  • Buttercream is a buttery, rich and thick icing and is a decent choice for children as well as those who are simply new to this.
  • Glace icing is a thin blend that will solidify on the cake, thereby resulting in a glossy and sleek finish.
  • Fondant icing has a consistency like that of dough and is regularly used for finishing Christmas or wedding cakes.
  • To make buttercream icing, utilise an electric blender to beat together 200g of butter (unsalted) until it becomes extremely pale.
  • Next, slowly add at least 6 cups of regular icing sugar and keep beating.
  • After that, add nearly ½ a cup of milk & then beat the mixture until the point that it gets thoroughly combined.
  • On the off chance that you might want to add colour to the icing, first segregate the frosting into a few small bowls.
  • Then slowly add colouring until you’ve achieved the shade that you want. Paste colouring provides a more prominent assortment of shades as well as a more bold tone than common liquids.
  • Utilise a little palette knife; in case you don’t have that, a knife with a round blade will also do. Simply use it for gently spreading the icing.
  • The final step is the most fun part. Embellish your frosted cakes utilising your selection of baby marshmallows, icing flowers, sprinkles, shimmer dust, lollies, sprinkles and musk sticks.

So next time you plan on baking cupcakes, follow the above mentioned steps to impart a scrumptious and appealing look to them. If you still find it too much work or don’t have enough time to bake cupcakes, then simply locate a good business in Brisbane offering these delightful little confections and place an order online.

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How To Easily Decorate Any Cupcake?