Balinese Traditional Clothes

Hi guys.. I create this for Indonesia collaboration.
I chose Balinese traditional dress inspired by a friend who recently done a Balinese ritual called Mepandes /Metatah, a tooth filing ceremony, one of the ceremonies that a Balinese must undergo when they come of age to get rid of the bad spirits.

It is a joyous affair with a lot of colourful offerings and gentle music. The music is played on two gender wayang instruments, particularly suited because of their calming sound and soothing scale. Those present will be family and friends. The people who have their teeth filed are often dressed in fairly ornamental garb with the women donning gold-gilded head dresses.

I was captivated by the dress and ornamental headresses so much i decide to capture this in my sugar piece..

Supplies: satin ice fondant food coloring gold dust

Tools: modelling tools

Tags: #figure bust cake #fondantcake #sugarcake #sugarart sugar fondant figurine ethnic balinese dancer bali



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Balinese Traditional Clothes