Simple Black Elegance

Daily Top 3 - Sep 14, 2012

A customer’s daughter is turning 21 and she is a serious stiletto/high heel buff. She just wanted a simple black cake with a heel as a topper.

I found a heel template online and printed it out to the size I wanted it to be. I used fondant with a heavy dose of tylose, rolled it about 1/8 of an inch thick and let it dry for 4 days without TOUCHING IT. I used a foam core I shaped with a flexible board to the height I want. I also used the same material for the heel and that had to dry a day longer. Once it was dry I use a fine grater to achieve the flat part of the heel and the top and smoothed it out with a fine sanding paper.

Once it was dry I used a paint brush and water and brushed the areas I would sprinkle with black disco dust…(I also used black fondant). Let this dry completely for several hours then I put it all together.


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Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Wow!!! I think this is one of the very best stiletto shoes I have seen! This is fabulous! Well done :)

Geelicious Confections ...

Thank you cakesbyraewyn, I think I’ve done enough shoes to finally understand how fondant works…at least for me.

Wanda ...

Very nice !

Geelicious Confections ...

Thank you ksara7!

sasha ...

oh wow!! Stunning cake and thanks so much for the tips about the heel!! That’s the trickiest part!! Am I understanding it right, that you roll a simple sausage shape to start with and the file/sandpaper it to shape after it’s dried?? excellent!!

Sasha x

Geelicious Confections ...

Hi thewhiteboxcakeco, I used my work table to maintain the flat portion of the heel (inside heel) and used my finger to start the shape from thick to the thin heel. I used a little Crisco to help smooth out the heel to the shape I want, including the top of the heel and let it dry. Once it’s dry I start to shape it. I know this may be the LONG version or making the heel, and there’s probably something easier out there. But this worked for my for now. :)

Hope this helps.

Fifi's Cakes ...


Geelicious Confections ...

Thank you FiFiCakes!!

Specialty Cakes by Steff ...

OMG! This is so beautiful! Do you have a template to share of this lovely shoe?

sasha ...

Thank you!!

S x

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Simple Black Elegance