Flown Away Balloon Cake

Daily Top 3 - Sep 11, 2012

This cake was made for my balloon loving son for a little birthday lunch at home. He is obsessed with balloons!

So a balloon cake was the main priority. A while back I saw this ingenuous balloon cake design by the uber talented Brenda of Sugar High, Inc. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was the perfect little cake for Ben. I was thrilled when Brenda was happy for me to use her design. How perfect is it?!!

I used a high IKEA candle stick pedestal for the base and then the cake is made up of 3 tiers. As a special surprise for Ben, the cake was balloon themed on the inside also – see the photos when the cake was cut.

I put the cake together and wanted to add something a little personal for Ben. Ben and his brothers are always giggling at the silly antics of The Regular Show (Cartoon Network). So Mordecai and Pops were added on top and peered over the whole balloon escapade.

Everything is handmade and edible (except for Pop’s gigantic head – that is a styrofoam ball!).

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Stunning! Fabulous! Gorgeous as always Jackie :) x

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LOVE it!!!

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Flown Away Balloon Cake