Ivory & royal blue wedding cake

Daily Top 3 - Sep 10, 2012

This wedding cake was delivered to Beamish Hall in County Durham.

In terms of design, the couple were pretty easy going and allowed me to design this cake myself. They just gave me some ideas and the colour scheme.

I used edible silver leaf on the top tier which was a first. I was super nervous about it but it actually wasn’t too hard to use in the end :)

I also made a bride and groom topper for this cake but didn’t put them in place until the cake was safely delivered so they are photographed separately.

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Amanda ...

do you think it would be possible to cover a whole wedding cake in silver leaf?

Isabelle Bambridge ...

I’m sure you probably could but it would take a lot of silver leaf and would therefore cost quite a bit. It would also be quite tricky to keep it neat over the edges I would imagine :)

Amanda ...

Have you ever used the silver aerosol spray ?

Isabelle Bambridge ...

No I haven’t I’m afraid.

Amanda ...

By the way, your cake looks amazing :)

Amanda ...

How many leaves did it take to make the band?

Sugarpixy ...


Isabelle Bambridge ...

I probably used around 8 leaves but I cut each one down so wasted a bit!

Scrummy Mummy's Cakes ...

Hi, what size leaf did you use, I used it recently and could only find the edible in small pieces but yours looks extremely neat so I assume you used larger pieces? Also if you don’t mind me asking, I actaully started a discussion about silver leaf on here a couple of weeks ago, what did you use to adhere it to the cake? Sorry, so many questions! Stunning cake xx

Isabelle Bambridge ...

Hi Scrummy Mummy’s Cakes! My sheets were actually pretty small (approx 80mm x 80mm) which is why I used around 8 sheets for just a small cake. I overlapped them slightly as well to make sure there were no gaps and also cut them down so ended up wasting the bits I cut off. I ordered the sheets from www.ediblegold.co.uk and got a book of about 25 sheets if I remember rightly.

To stick them to the cake I simply wet the fondant slightly with water so it was tacky. To be honest, I was dreading using silver leaf but it actually wasn’t as bad as I had expected!

tortacouture ...

Stunning Isabelle!!! Those stripes are to die for :)



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Ivory & royal blue wedding cake