Autism - Unseen battles collaboration

Daily Top 3 - Jun 03, 2017

Today I would like to introduce a small collaboration with big themes to you.
+ Unseen battles +
With this collab a team of unbelieveable artists wanted to make different ilnesses and handicaps subject of discussion, that can not always be seen at first glance, but are part of their life. So let’s be more tolerant towards people, becaus there could be someone among us fighting an unseen battle. Since my son is an Autist this collab means a lot to me. So my topic was Autism. Through him I know what really matters in life.

Supplies: pastkolor fondant laped daisy paste

Tools: modelling tools

Tags: collaboration unseen battles collaboration unseenbattles autism modelling figures


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MOLI Cakes ...

Wow ! Amazing !!!

Archicaketure_Italia ...

Very beautiful!

Frufi ...

Beautiful !!!!

Olina Wolfs ...


Floralilie ...

Amazing work! ♥

Cakes by Nina Camberley ...

This is absolutely wonderful my son is also austistic can totally relate, well done its brilliant x

Goreti ...


Elli Warren ...

Fantastic and amazing modelling!! :-) x

Antonia Lazarova ...


Ivon ...

This’s just BRILLIANT! ❤️👏🏻❤️

MsGF ...


Gâteau de Luciné ...

Stunning, absolutly fantastic work !

Sweet Dreams by Heba ...


Daniel Diéguez ...


Jeanne Winslow ...

This piece is filled with emotion and personal magic. One of the most amazing pieces in the collab. Outstanding!

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Autism - Unseen battles collaboration