Princess cake by second rate caker

Oh noooo as I took pic of this a rose fell off…oh well on it goes again when ive uploaded it on here….this, I’ve made another birthday cake (that’s three since Wednesday this week and today is Saturday) for another granddaughter – a Princess cake 😊finished it midnight last night and there are so many errors on it as I was soooii tired but, hey, through the eyes of a 4 year old little girl it’ll be perfect haha. I woke this morning with my hands and arms really aching….good exercise eh ! This cake making 😁

Genete Jenkins


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Elli Warren ...

Looks very pretty! :-) x

2nd rate caker ...

Thank you Elli. As I was taking the photos three of the roses fell off lol so i put them back on after….I did do a mini movie of it rotating but there are so many mistakes/errors on the back eeeeeek !!!!

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Princess cake by second rate caker