Giant Wedding Anniversary Lovebird Cupcake

1st Wedding Anniversary Giant Red Velvet Cupcake.


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Goreti ...

How did I miss this cutie?!? And no one commented on it. I think it’s adorable

Michelle Keel ...

when you asked my permission to copy this cake you said you would refer back to me? It’s such an exact copy that it would have been nice x

Lauren ...

Hi scrummy Mummy i did refer it back on my facebook and flickr account, i was sure that it was on one of my pictures on here as well but it mustnt have copied accross i am really sorry for this.

Michelle Keel ...

It’s not a problem, please ignore me! I was just a bit shocked last night when I found it had been copied a couple of times with no reference. Long week with another longbweeknto follow x

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Giant Wedding Anniversary Lovebird Cupcake