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Daily Top 3 - Apr 03, 2017

Hello we like to introduce ourselfs.

Petra Arnold, Jacqueline van der Wal and Christian and der Wal.

Jacqueline van der Wal:…
========== =========
I am Jacqueline van der Wal.
I am a housewife from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and have 2 kids of my own, plus 4 ‘bonus’ kids and 4 grand kids (nr. 5 on it’s way).
Cake decorating is my hobby and passion.
It’s where I find my relaxation when I’m not spending time with my family.

Petra Arnold:
========= =======
My name is Petra Arnold, most of my friends call me Peet…
I have a family including a supporting husband, a beautiful daughter who is my biggest fan and a son.
I love making cakes, especially with figurines on top of them.
I am 45 years old and work as a nurse in an elderly home.
In my free time I’m always busy with cakes and figurines, I have a tutorial page, fondant cake topper tutorials by Peet.

Christian van der Wal:
I am Christian, 13 years old and i love mine craft, LEGO, helping my mama and writing my own book.
I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters and a dog called Angel.

we did a collaboration within a collaboration together we made this Lego piece because we where inspired by
Christian loves LEGO it calms him to build .
You can let you fantasy go while playing, tell stories and socialise with friends by building together.
We would love to have something like BricksforAutism in the Netherlands.
Hoping you like our work to give awareness for Autism .
Autism is not only the rainman as many people think it has so much levels, don’t be affraid just understand …..

Supplies: biscuit fondant dust colors paint

Tools: hand sculpted hand painted

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Pluympjescake ...

Beautiful, great job

Jacqueline ...

thank you so much bianca

The Cookie Lab - Bolachas Decoradas Artesanais ...

This is a joy, this is an amazing and bright work

Jacqueline ...

thank you so much the cookie lab xxx

Sweet Side of Cakes by Khamphet ...

Amazing work 💕💕

Lallacakes ...


Jacqueline ...

thank you Khamphet and lallacakes xxxx

Karla Vanacker ...

Top!! Great idea!

Jacqueline ...

thank you so much Karla xxx

Emma Lake - Cut The Cake Kitchen ...

Great work 👍🏻 💖

Bakmuts en zo ...

Christian did a great job with this cake 🖒 and you and Petra also 😉 love it ❤

Jacqueline ...

thank you so much Emma

The Rosehip Bakery ...


Jacqueline ...

thank you Isabelle xxx

Clara ...

Beautiful work Jacqueline 💖

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SugarArt4Autism collaboration - Bricks for Autism