Goodbye Cupcakes

Daily Top 3 - Aug 23, 2012

A dozen cupcakes for a family whose nanny is leaving to return to Ireland. Her favourite things are fries, garlic bread and sunbathing, but she seems to spend most of her time doing laundry for the family’s three little girls!

Inspiration for the colour scheme from a set of gorgeous baby shower toppers by Not Just Cakes by Annie. Thank you!

Tags: bikini flip flops towel fries garlic bread laundry washing machine leopard print

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FiasCreations ...

My Fav set of Cupcakes…Luv it :)


Natalie King ...

without a doubt the cutest darn things ive ever seen!

Lesley Wright ...

You guys are SWEET! Thank you!

FiasCreations ...

Congrats :)

Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

Loving the Frames with the girls! So cute!

Elilovescakes ...

beautiful! Love these :)

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Goodbye Cupcakes