When I started to think of what I wanted to tell with this piece I knew I had to go through what “dreaming” means to me. The first image that came across my mind was me as a young girl, laying in my bed. When I was scared, upset, angry or simply bored, all I had to do was closing my eyes and let my imagination run… I could literally spend the whole afternoon living so many different lives. All I needed was right there …in my head.
That was the key for my concept.
I wanted my cake to tell about what dreams are really about : they are a chance. A chance for us to hope for better things to come…an open door.
For this piece I used modelling fondant, isomalt and airbrushing: the sleeping girl, naked, cowering in the fetal position, has been modelled completely by hand. She is connected by golden wires to the moon little girl who’s a projection of our inner child: her eyes are still as full of colours as the eyes of children should be. She’s begging us, writing with her bare hands, not to give up on our dreams, not to let that very part die. I choose for her a moon textured skin and I wanted her to look as if she was made of what the sky is. The scene takes place on big clock with no hands to symbolize how meaningless time is comparing to our dreams.
No matter how life can get in the way we should always keep that little place in our heart where everything is possible somehow …that place where we can be ourselves or even more, where we feel invincibile and safe from arm.
If you just listen closely that’s what you’ll hear: “keep on dreaming”

- 25th September – " World Dream Day "

Dreamland is a collaboration that aims to celebrate the “World Dream Day” of 2016 and contributes to an association that carries the dreams of children – the “Associação Terra dos Sonhos”.

The Associação Terra dos Sonhos” is a non-profit organization, founded on June 1st, 2007, that proposes to ensure public awareness of the importance of emotional and mental well-being quality of life and physical health of people, developing and implementing these tools to segments of society whose physical or emotional health situation is found especially weak.

We believe in a world where dreams are the driving force and a great pursuit of happiness booster.
With our art we can get to the heart of sick children and help them to be happy, this is simply wonderful.

So, in addition to create together a fantastic collaboration, full of charm, art and love to celebrate the World Dream Day, we also create this E-Book with some tutorials of our works to help children.

The total value achieved with the sale of this E-Book will fully revert to the “Associação Terra dos Sonhos” (when you buy it, the whole value goes directly to the Association) .

We hope with this action, we can really make dreams come true for children.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DreamlandCollaboration/
Buy E-Book: PRICE: 10 euros : send an email to: dreamland.collaboration@gmail.com , and purchase your copy
Video: https://youtu.be/MsXQaR4_3lI

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